Nick Williams

Nick Table 2.jpg

Founder | Executive Producer

Nick has been working in film both professionally and in his free time for almost two decades. He began editing short videos to help promote his father's business. He continued working with various film projects over the years in his free time while also working in sales, finance, project management and construction.

Then, in 2020, during the height of the pandemic while the world was shut down, Nick saw it as an opportunity to begin something new. He began to network and build his company from ground up and has since executive produced 5 large projects. Nick is dedicated to bringing all forms of media to life in whatever way he can and will continue to produce the best content possible. He is dedicated to building WillCo Media to be one of the best and most innovative production studios on the East Coast.

Jaden Moffitt


Head of Visual Production | Producer

Jaden has been making films since the age of 13 and has experience in editing, minor VFX, sound design and engineering, directing, & cinematography. After assisting on one of WillCo Media's earliest productions, Nick decided to take Jaden on as a member of the WillCo team. He has since become an integral part of every project and now oversees the visual production and execution of every WillCo Media Production.


Jaden has said that he sees the world as if his eyes themselves are cameras and is why he has fallen in love with the art of filmmaking.  Jaden is currently a sophomore at Hofstra University,  majoring in Film Production and Marketing. At 19, he has now been the Director of Photography and a producer for two large scale productions as part of the WillCo Media team.