Antoine “Tony” Beaumont:

Male; Mid-Late 20's. Attractive, "Leading Man" type. He has been relying on his looks and charisma, and riding on the coattails of others for years, most recently his girlfriend. He doesn’t really have an interest in the food industry but likes the idea of managing a restaurant for the status that comes with it. Due to his insecurities, he can come off selfish and shallow, but has the potential to put his ego aside and understand others’ perspectives.

Lucy De Marco​:

Caucasian female; mid 20's, preppy blonde. Tony's college sweetheart at first. Since graduating, "real life" and need to impress her father have put a strain on her and Tony's relationship. Comes from a very wealthy background. Supportive but no nonsense.

Mickey Hudson​:

Male; 40's. The manager of the Scrappy Pug Restaurant. Sarcastic with a “hands off” leadership approach. Kind at heart but never really matured past high school, always looking to have fun. Currently the manager of what was once a local "hotspot" that is now falling apart.


Female; mid 20's. Scrappy Pug delivery driver, loyal to her team. She knows the workers of the Scrappy Pug are crazy, but will always defend them. Quick witted and thick skinned.

Female; late teens. Cares about her appearance. Scrappy Pug employee. Always ready to take advantage of the casual work environment that results from Mickey’s loose management style. Always has an excuse to get out of work and likes to push other people’s buttons for her entertainment.


Hope Taylor:

Caucasian female 24, tomboy, dresses for function not fashion. Scrappy Pug employee. Has a short temper often triggered by the antics of her fellow employees, and has an interest in martial arts.



Male; Early 20's, fresh faced and enthusiastic. Scrappy Pug employee of the month 6 months running. Genuinely enjoys his time in the shop and making pizza. Often gets frustrated with the lack of productivity, but is also intimidated by most of his fellow workers.

Waldemar “Wally” Omelchenko:

Male. Quiet and reserved. Scrappy pug employee, immigrated from an unknown Eastern European country. Generally just nods and agrees with whoever is talking, though he doesn’t really understand much of the language.


Bernard Willis​:

Older male; 60's, confused and absurdly confident. Has been working at the Scrappy Pug for 30 years. In his mind he’s a

respected figure on the team, but in reality he is just the strange old man plagued with memory problems.


Tavish Tarvish:

Male; mid-late 20's. Software and video game developer. Childhood classmate of Tony. Confidently self aware of his nerdiness and awkwardness. Always looked up to Tony in middle and high school, but was never acknowledged. Still has a great respect for Tony, and an optimistic outlook on life.


Margaret Stone:

Female; Late 20's - Early 30's, tall and gorgeous. Fiancee of Tavish. Loves and respects Tavish, but is definitely the head of the house. Smart and successful in everything she does. Stubborn when she knows she’s right. Realizes that Tavish has been taken advantage of in the past and looks forward to making sure that never happens under her watch.


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